The woman caught in the middle of a direct message scandal involving Springbok star Siya Kolisi is sharing her side of the story

Siya’s wife, Rachel Kolisi, made headlines on Monday when she found a sexy picture of the woman in her husband’s Instagram inbox.

Rachel put the woman on blast and shared the image on her own Instagram page.

She told her followers that she was trying to get in touch with the woman.

“Any of y’all follow fitmiki_za? She blocked me. I’m asking for a friend,” she wrote on her Instagram stories.

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Rachel added in another post that the woman’s handle had been changed and asked people to “please send her details”.

“My face is so red because I’m so angry. But I just want to finish off this situation saying this, the days of women having to take s**t and deal with s**t are over,” she said in a video.

While many people applauded her for standing up for her marriage, others questioned why she was making the incident public.

Some social media users went as far as calling her “insecure”. Rachel has since deactivated her Instagram account.

The woman involved in the scandal is speaking out after the drama

A post, allegedly from her now private Instagram page, claims that Siya was the one who contacted her first.

“Siya Kolisi slides into my DMs. Sends me my post that I posted on IG. His wife sees this and makes it look like I’m sending him my a**. The post is on my IG,” she allegedly wrote.

The woman added that Rachel should put her husband under a tighter leash.

“I’m not going to try to defend myself, but I have 100s of people messaging me telling me I’m a slut. What about him sliding into my DMs.”

She also shared a screenshot of Siya replying to one of her Instagram stories, telling her to contact someone.

Many social media users left messages encouraging her to sue Rachel for sharing her Instagram handles and her sexy picture, calling her actions “revenge porn” and defamation

The woman changed her handle at least twice but appears to be back to her original name.

“The days of dealing with the other woman and calling her slut are over. Deal with your husband or boyfriend.

“She must apologise to that lady for putting her on blast like that her husband is the one who went into that lady’s DM,” one Twitter user wrote.

Meanwhile, Siya Kolisi has been mum on the drama, despite many now questioning if the reason Rachel goes through his messages is because he has cheated on her in the past.

It’s not the first time that Rachel has put “thirsty” social media users on blast for crushing on her man

In June 2018, she called out a woman who described Siya as a “whole type”. She told the woman: “He’s not a type. He is a married man responsible for four children.”

She also seemingly took a swipe at Lorna Maseko after one of the TV presenter’s friends crushed a little too hard on Siya.

“I watched a local TV show last week where a local ‘celeb’ was encouraging her friend to go on a date with Siya Kolisi… Respect my marriage,” Rachel wrote on Twitter.

She did not mention any names, but tweeps were convinced that she was referring to Lorna after she made this comment on a reality show:
“Tarryn wants to date a black guy… I think her father would kill her. I did not say Siya Kolisi but she just put him out there.”

Rachel also slammed an Instagram user who posted a picture she took with Siya in September last year. “The Kolisi glow”, the user captioned the image.

Here’s how social media users reacted to the latest development in the Kolisi-direct message scandal.