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Rachel & Siya Kolisi are one of SA’s most loved couples

Not only are they a stunning interracial couple (who perfectly complement each other I must add ), they have two beautiful children and along with Siya’s two younger siblings whom they’ve taken into their home as their own, they are a perfect example of what a modern family looks like.

Along with their cosmopolitan group of friends and family, they are living proof that South Africans can live and love together.

Hello Rainbow Nation!

They are #couplegoals, #familygoals and #lifegoals. They are a power couple. They prove that hard work pays off and that together they can take on the world.

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But of course, nothing is ever picture-perfect.


Ever since Siya was appointed as the first black Springbok captain in May 2018, his life been thrust into the spotlight, including his private life.

And that’s where the problem therein lies.

If you know anything about their relationship, you’d know that Rachel & Siya met on social media too

Yes, Siya slid into Rachel’s DMs some years ago (perhaps the reason for her being so insecure on this topic).

The pair were online friends who eventually met in real-life. Siya told Rachel’s brother that he had a crush on her. She rejected his advances several times. Eventually she said yes to a date.

She told Anele on Real Talk that she began dating him when he was “just a boy from the township”.

The rest is history.

But Rachel Kolisi is not the stereotypical example of a WAG

If you follow her on social media, you’ll see she is one of the most down to earth celebs you’ll come across

She’s a SAHM, an avid Christian and a philanthropist.

She documents her mom-life, charity work and even gives insight into her daily struggles.

She’s passionate, loyal and outspoken.

She’s a modern-day mama who’s juggling it all and is the glue that holds her family together (like most women and moms all over the world).

With that said, I really don’t believe she’s here for fame and followers.

We cannot fault her for wanting to protect her marriage, family and reputation.

“He’s not a type, he’s married”

“(Siya’s) not ‘a type’. He’s a married man responsible for four children,” Rachel famously clapped back last year when a Twitter user was crushing on her husband.

Without naming her, she also dragged fellow celeb Lorna Maseko who appeared on an episode of Being Bonang, speaking about ‘wanting to date a black man’ like Siya Kolisi.

“I watched a local TV show last week where a local ‘celeb’ was encouraging her friend to go on a date with Siya Kolisi,” Rachel vented on social media.

A few months later she shamed another fan who posted pics with Siya on social media.

The fact that she’s made light of her insecurities is both a good and bad thing

Yes, we can all relate to this to a certain extent. After the birth of her second child, Rachel was praised for showing off her post-baby body (something most new moms are particularly insecure about) and showed us that even celebs experience the same struggles as us.

But on the other hand, what happens in her private life – especially as a woman we’ve come to love & respect – should remain private.

She shouldn’t be airing their dirty laundry and marriage problems in public.

She is only inviting public scrutiny and for the very same haters she despises to continue to taunt and mock her.

She has two young children to think about and a husband who has to face the public every day.

What she is doing is just humiliating for her and her entire family


Respect yourself by exercising self-restraint

Siya is one of the biggest and influential sportsmen of the moment.

But he’s not the first MARRIED jock or star for that matter to have women ‘fangirling’ all over him.

Significant others of high-profile stars know that it comes with the territory and that qualities like trust, respect (both for yourself and your partner) and communication go a long way in surviving life in the spotlight.

There are always going to be groupies, Rachel. They are going to slide into to his DMs no matter what you do.

Please don’t give them the satisfaction by taking their bait (we’re pretty sure Siya won’t either).

We’re rooting for you & Siya from the sidelines. After all you’re #couplegoals