How celebrity parents discipline their children

Disciplining your child is something we have to do and definitely not something we all enjoy doing. Before I had my little boy, I was convinced that I would be comfortable with dishing out the odd smack or scolding. Then, the moment that little bundle is placed in your arms, the game changes completely. Every time I’ve had to discipline him, I feel absolutely awful for days after. I feel even worse when I’ve lost my cool and shouted at him, forgetting just how little he is.

Duchess of Cambridge

William and Kate are raising not one but two future Kings and a future Queen – talk about a massive responsibility for them and the little royals – nobody wants a monster monarch.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are strict parents with firm rules in place. If their children make a mess, like throwing food on the floor, they are made to help with cleaning it up. And, when George or Charlotte throws a tantrum, Kate is not afraid to keep her kids in check and give them a stern talking to in public – usually in front of the press too.

Find out how other celebrity parents choose to discipline their children

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