Moms make excellent gal pals

There is a stigma about friendship and mothers – that we’re too involved or too boring to be around. But the truth is that moms make the best friends.

From ‘Crunchy’ to ‘Helicopter Parent’, we all fall into various groups – I personally am a hot-mess-scrunchy mom, meaning I rarely know what day of the week it is, and I am neither Crunchy nor Silky.

Whether your friend is a free-range mother, or a career mom; I believe there are five underlying traits which make us all excellent gal pals.

We are often late

I can’t speak for all moms, but for myself 8/10 times I am running late. If we have plans, take an extra 10 minutes to get ready! And if I happen to be on time, I’ll appreciate 10 minutes to myself – a pretty standard mommy feeling.

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You can drop the act

Look, my house is always a bit untidy, I rarely wear pants at home and you can almost always hear a TV going on in one of our rooms – usually showing The Office (even my toddler quotes Michael Scott). I don’t have time to be anybody other than my authentic self and that’s the beautiful thing about motherhood. Furthermore, I wouldn’t want anything more from you. You don’t need to pretend like you live off of kale smoothies and cardio. When I visit your house, no need to pull out the vacuum or rearrange your throw pillows. I’m at peace in a little chaos anyways.

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We live vicariously through you

I want to hear about every Tinder date and sleeping in till 10 a.m. Show me pictures of your road trips and cats and tell me all your workplace drama. The more details, the better! I love my husband and I adore my children. But I can daydream occasionally and take excitement in your excitement.

You get to witness your GF fall madly in love

What’s better than seeing your friend fall hopelessly in love with tiny souls? Your girlfriend, who held your hair back after a long night out, helped you through break-ups and rebounds, is now a mother – and you get to witness this unconditional love, joy, and the occasional tears (from exhaustion and frustration), but unconditional love all the same.  

We offer diverse entertainment

My toddler has recently picked up on cuss words and tends to use them at the exact right moment. He’s been known to sing “fill that bitch up, she hungry!” Despite the inappropriateness, it definitely makes for entertainment. He’s like a large parrot – it’s fun. He also took a poop in the middle of my kitchen once. Similarly, my nine-month-old entertains with his nursing habits – imagine drunk girl and a keg stand – my boob being the keg and he the drunk girl.

This is the type of nightlife mothers offer. Messy faces and dance parties. It’s about the rawness of chaos and love. It also means nothing shocks us – you can tell us every detail of your weirdness. And, the icing on the cake – we always have snacks. All of the snacks, all of the time.

Becoming a mom changed your girlfriend in many ways, I am sure of it. But it didn’t change her ability to be a kick-ass friend. If anything, it made her better one. A friend who won’t judge, because she makes her own questionable decisions. One who’s mastered flexibility and going with the flow. A friend who wants deeper conversations than mimosas at brunch. You can disclose your unedited life because she’s absolutely revealing her unedited life to you.