The Little Things That Make a Big Difference’ is an article series outlining weight loss and diet interventions that may seem insignificant, but can make a huge difference to the success of your diet plan.

No alcohol before bed

Alcohol – It’s a toxic substance, and yet we consume it for pleasure. It makes us act stupidly, but we like it. We know it’s dangerous, but hey, “just one more won’t hurt, right?”

And I’m not talking down to you here. I’m a wine and whisky drinker myself (though not in excess).

So how does alcohol affect your diet?

Do you know? Well, in short, it’s not beneficial. Alcohol is high in calories, and pushes itself to the front of the digestion-queue due to the fact that your system recognises it as a toxin. So if you have alcohol in your system, then your food is not getting metabolised until all the alcohol has been metabolised first.

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The bottom line here is that going to bed with a belly full of food, topped off with a few drinks means that you’ll be storing a lot of the food-energy as fat, and that’s not helpful at all!

How do you solve this conundrum?

Just don’t drink within the few hours before bed. Not easy to do, but neither is anything worth doing.



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