DJ Black Coffee has one again been accused of being a member of the “secret society” known as the Illuminati

This time, a T-shirt the DJ wore raised a few eyebrows.

Some social media users claimed that the image on the shirt is associated with the Illuminati – a man with demon horns.

The picture was shared by a car dealership where Black Coffee is a client.

“Is black coffee showing signs of being joined to the Illuminati? That tee though,” one Twitter user wrote.

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“Ask yourself what is this man representing? We are living in a wicked world… this man is proud no media will speak about this cause to them it is just a T-shirt. Demons are real and they are not friendly, they destroy, steal and kill,” the man captioned a picture of Black Coffee.


It’s not the first time the Piece of Me hitmaker has been accused of having Illuminati tendencies

In 2015, an aspiring DJ sent Black Coffee a WhatsApp message asking him how he can join the alleged secret society.

“I’ve been hearing about the Illuminati society which people in this industry have been talking about,” he told Black Coffee.

Black Coffee found the conversation hilarious and said that his success was the result of hard work.

The Illuminati allegedly helps world leaders and pop culture stars gain popularity in return for selling their soul and helping the secret society control the masses.

Stars such as Beyoncé, Jay Z, Rihanna, Madonna, Angelina Jolie and many more have been accused of having associations with the Illuminati.

Black Coffee has previously denied having ties to the Illuminati, but it seems the rumours just won’t go away