Things are heating up on The Bachelor SA as finding love on national TV is not as easy as some of the women hoped

The women got to go on one-on-one dates with Lee in this week’s episode, leading to oohs, aahs and a lot of “WTF” moments.

The biggest “WTF” was courtesy of constant America Gopie.

Both viewers and her fellow contestants have raised doubts about her intentions.

Many believe that she is “playing” Lee and is not really over her ex.

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Despite Lee having a few questions about her ex, America still managed to get a rose – which means she will be sticking around.

Shelley and Kim got the boot instead.

Some viewers believe that Lee (and the producers) are keeping America around for the wrong reasons.

America recently revealed that she has had a tough time with cyber bullies who make fun of her looks

“Tonight has been one of the most difficult evenings I have ever had to endure. At this point, it breaks my heart to think that women in South Africa think it’s okay to berate and denigrate a woman who has tried to battle bullying for years, and fast track to 2019, this is what I have to face,” she wrote on Instagram.

Viewers might not be happy with her looks or how she behaves on the show but America says she will soldier on regardless of what her haters say.

“I am so unapologetically and authentically myself that I stand tall and proud of who I am. I will showcase my flaws.”

America shouldn’t hold on to her rose too tightly, because viewers are convinced that Lee only has eyes for Gina Myers

Lee and Gina went on a one-on-one date and shared a passionate kiss during last night’s episode that left viewers swooning.

If you thought some of the women’s “fake” fainting, stolen diaries and the women turning on each other is dramatic, then prepare for more drama.

Mbali Mkhize, who shocked viewers when she dramatically quit last week, says that fighting for Lee’s attention is not easy

Speaking to Channel24, Mbali says that she decided to leave the show because she had “zero chemistry” with Lee.

“The Steam Punk photoshoot group date was the last straw for me. The photographer pushed me aside and Lee didn’t ask me to stay. That’s when I realised that it wasn’t for me,” she said.

Mbali also revealed that she wasn’t a fan of the group dates as it made it hard to develop real connections.

“I definitely think a one-on-one date would have improved our chemistry. Our conversations would have touched on things on a deeper level, so he would have understood me.”

Between the women ganging up on America and Gina’s amazing chemistry with Lee, viewers can expect more drama in the household!