The organisers of the 2019 Afrikaans is Groot music festival are under pressure to drop Steve Hofmeyr as a headlining act

Many are demanding that AIG and its sponsors boycott the musician over his controversial political/racial commentary.

Steve Hofmeyr is one of South Africa’s most well-known musicians and actors, but in recent years we’ve come to know him more for his political outlook.

Steve has vocalised his concerns on a variety of social issues, including “black government”, apartheid, reverse racism, farm murders and many other topics.

While South Africa promotes freedom of speech as a right, Steve’s comments have been interpreted as harmful to the masses. So when it emerged that he was on the lineup for this year’s edition of Afrikaans is Groot, South Africans reacted fiercely.

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Even those with little interest in Afrikaans music called on the festival organisers, as well as the brands supporting the annual event, to either boycott AIG or drop Hofmeyr.

This matter came to a boil this week when this year’s lineup was announced on social media and Steve was included in the front and centre of all promotional material:

It didn’t take long for social media users to dig up some of Steve’s most controversial comments from years gone by, before calling on Afrikaans is Groot and their sponsors to take action:

When pressed for comment by Channel 24, the organisers of Afrikaans is Groot stood firm on their decision to include the controversial singer in this year’s lineup

Johan C Venter, the festival’s spokesperson responded harshly: “I’m sending an extract from our press release from 4 November 2014 when we addressed the same topic. This extract explains Afrikaans is Groot’s position relating to the topic. Our position on the matter has not changed since then.

“It is not the function of AIG to get involved or comment on the personal or public viewpoints of any artist, including Steve. Those who bought the tickets did it with his participation as part of the offering – each ticket is a contract with the buyer. Therefore, as one of the country’s most popular music stars, Steve is still performing in the concert.”

Despite their firm stance, it appears as if some of the brands that are sponsoring the concert are having second thoughts

MTN announced on Friday morning that they would be pulling their sponsorship from Afrikaans is Groot:

As it stands, Steve Hofmeyr is still on the lineup but one wonders if more sponsors may be forced into reconsidering their stance on supporting the much-maligned singer.

He has not responded to the latest calls to have him dropped from Afrikaans is Groot, but it is comments and posts such as the one below (displaying the old-Apartheid flag) which continue to offend many South Africans.

Concert organisers in New Zealand, Botswana and other nations have distanced themselves from Steve Hofmeyr in the past few years. Is it time that South Africa does the same?


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