All things unicorn are trending, but incorporating any trendy furniture into your home can be expensive. Why not try and do it yourself and make this psychedelic unicorn spit side table?

Small furniture like side tables are easy to move around and can be painted and re-painted as the need arises. Hayley from Cassie’s workshop shows us how to create this faux marble look in record time.

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Chalk paint is also a great paint to use indoors for multiple surfaces as it is non-toxic and has a very mild smell. The paint also comes in so many cool colours, your unicorn spit side table can be any colour you like.

What is unicorn spit?

Unicorn spit is a marble-like design often made up of psychedelic colours. This type of art and statement furniture piece has been on trend for a long time now and doesn’t seem to be reaching its sell-by date anytime soon. While buying this type of furniture can be expensive, making your own is easy and lots of fun.

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Use it to update a side table in the kids’ rooms, or for an outdoor table. Choose the colours to match your decor scheme and let your creative juices flow!

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