Ex-Generations: The Legacy star Asanda Foji has a bone to pick specifically with people who have nothing better to do than to bash others on social media

Asanda’s unexpected rant came in the form of a video on social media and it was apparent that she had a lot to get off her chest.

Asanda wasted no time in getting straight to the point when she addressed women who bring other women down on social media.

She began her video by asking: ‘Why do you feel like you need to bash another woman every day just because your life has been naffed and not speak to God about it? You guys wake up each and every day, you look at this girl who smiles each and every day and you look at her and think ‘There must be something wrong with this girl’”

Asanda went on to discuss how easy it was to be a bully in this day and age but, unlike some of her celebrity peers, she refuses to simply ignore the “hate” and let it slide

Instead, she sent a stern warning to social media trolls when she said:

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“Your life is not going well because you are hating on people. God does not bless people with a bad heart so start changing. Teenagers are killing themselves because of you guys. Women are being abused every day and you get to the comments section and say ‘she deserved it’!”

Asanda definitely does not fall into the category of celebrities who live a fake life on social media. Back in 2017, the actress spoke about how she was determined to share her authentic life online:

“I couldn’t continue lying. There was a point where I decided that I didn’t want to do that. Social media didn’t control me,”

Do you agree with Asanda Foji about the types of troll you are likely to find online?