Florence Masebe is calling for a national hair policy review after a 13-year-old girl was told her natural hair is “distracting”

The actress took to Twitter to share her views on a Gauteng high school which made headlines for giving a grade nine pupil detention because her natural was deemed “distracting”.

Zoe Chibuye, who attends Hyde Park High, says she was late for school last week Friday and had to report to reception.

“I was standing in the queue to sign my record of lateness. [The teacher] immediately said I have detention. I said, ‘Why?’. She said my hair is distracting and attention-grabbing,” she told eNCA.

Zoe’s mother says they don’t use relaxers (which chemically straightens curly hair) and usually braid Zoe’s hair for school.

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She also demonstrated how they style her hair in a neat ponytail for school when it is not braided.

Florence says it is unacceptable that black pupils with natural hair are treated this way and called on Education Minister Angie Motshekga to do something

“We clearly need a national hair policy. One that doesn’t treat black people hair as unacceptable. We can’t keep returning to the same argument every few weeks. Your schools are exhausting Mma Motshekga,” she tweeted.

Florence added in a separate tweet that “we really need to stop this madness’.

“Some school code of conduct would say this hair is “wild” and “unmanaged”, that it needs to be tamed. We really need to stop the madness. There is absolutely nothing wrong with black people’s hair. Stop making our children feel like their hair is a problem. Leave our hair alone!”

Many Twitters agreed with Florence, with some sharing their own experiences

Some Twitter users shared pictures of their natural hair to show their support for Zoe.