Lasizwe Dambuza just released one of his funniest videos yet but Black Twitter is crying foul

The video, called ‘How VW polo drivers live in South Africa’, makes fun of how owners must constantly make sure the high-risk car is locked, to avoid it being stolen.

The hilarious footage had thousands of views on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

Laughter turned to anger when tweeps accused the YouTube sensation of copying stand-up comedian Waylene Beukes.

But before you get your knickers in a knot (too late for some!), Lasizwe not only got permission from Waylene to recreate the skit but she also wrote it for him

He gave her credit when he posted the video on both YouTube and Instagram.

Waylene came to Lasizwe’s defence after Black Twitter dragged him to filth over the alleged content plagiarism.

“Hey guys just to make things clear. @lasizwe did not steal content from me. He loved my video and asked to redo and I gave him permission and he credited me on it. Thanks for tuning into another episode of “ands that that on that (sic)”,” she tweeted.

Despite both Lasizwe and Waylene clearing up the matter, the backlash continued

“He didn’t credit you on Twitter. Not everyone is on Insta. In fact, why not just repost yours, since he likes it so much,” one tweep wrote.

It’s not the first time Lasizwe has been accused of being a copycat: last year YouTube and Vine star Jay Versace slammed him for “copying” his content.

“Boy you copy everything I do,” he tweeted.

Lasizwe has clearly learned his lesson, but even when he did the right thing he came in for a lot of flak from Twitter users who love a good scandal – even when it doesn’t exist!