Keep damage to a minimum and sleekness to a maximum with these tips for using a hair straightener…

Whether you’ve got super curly hair, a simple wave or just a bit of frizz, being able to give yourself super sleek, straight hair is such a treat now and again.

These useful tips for using your hair straightener will ensure you keep damage to a minimum and achieve that straight hair you’re after…

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Protect your hair

The first step for anyone straightening their hair (or using any heat tool on their hair for that matter!) is to protect your hair as much as possible from the damage the heat can do to your locks.

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Most popular haircare brands have a heat protection spray, and it’s incredibly important that you apply this to your hair before every flat ironing session. After all, no one wants dry, broken, brittle and damaged hair.

Make sure your hair is totally dry

We’ve all heard that sizzle and seen the steam come off our hair at least once when straightening our hair, which means the hair wasn’t completely dry. This means you’re actually burning your hair, and the more you damage your hair, the more brittle it becomes, and eventually your hair won’t be able to tolerate heat at all.

If you’re guilty of this, stop immediately!

Pick the right size flat iron

Not everyone knows this, but flat irons come in a variety of sizes… basically, they start off pretty small and thin, and get thicker in size. The shorter, finer and thinner your hair, the smaller the straightener can be, but if you’ve got long, luscious locks, you’ll need something larger to achieve the straight look you’re after.

So avoid the frustration and invest in the correct size flat iron for you.

Section off your hair

Straightening your hair does require some patience and a little bit of time, so set some aside and treat it like a little pamper session. In order to properly straighten your hair, you’ll need to section it off, not just randomly grab pieces and run the hair straightener over it.

Doing that will mean you’ll need to go over the same section of hair numerous times and, as we’ve mentioned before, too much heat on your hair is bad news. You might feel like you’re taking the long route, but really, straightening smaller sections of hair at a time will ensure the process goes far quicker.

Create some volume

Some people feel that their hair looks far too, well, flat, after being flat ironed, but you can give yourself some volume while also getting super straight hair. It’s also pretty simply to achieve: when you get to the crown of your hair, iron your hair straight up from root to tip towards the roof. Voila, straight hair that isn’t limp!

Clean your machine

Most people don’t think of it, but you actually should be cleaning your flat iron. If you have a look at it, you’ll probably see some dirt, grime and gunk gathered on your device, and this will ultimately transfer onto your hair and can damage your hair. Simply wash regularly with a cloth and water (when the straightener is cold, obviously!).

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