Singer and winner of The Voice SA (Season 2), Craig Lucas, has opened up about the dark place he found himself in during the days that he battled with depression

Craig Lucas earned the respect of many South Africans last year after he bravely came out as a gay man; a revelation which brought him plenty of support and one can imagine, a degree of peace. But life after that open letter has remained challenging and the singer has opened up about his most recent battles.

Taking to Twitter to pour his heart out, the Hearts Exposed singer revealed that he was battling to overcome the death of a friend and this had now resulted in depressive behaviour: “I’ve been going through such a dark time this past month, just not feeling good enough as a singer and artist, and then having to deal with losing my best friend, my first love.”

He continued by revealing that he had been binge drinking and eating; two red flags that someone may be battling depression

However, there was good news on the horizon; he revealed how determined he was to get himself out of this dark, emotional place:

When Lucas came out to the world last year, he also shared a warning about his mental health, adding that depression ran in his family:

“Suicide and mental illness runs in my family, especially amongst the men. My dad committed suicide when I was three. A number of other family members did too… The death of my father planted a seed in my mind. Those seeds had sprouted…”

Back to the present – Craig appears to be open about his battles with substance abuse. Even when he’s tweeting more humorously, he is candid about his drinking:

The great news is that Craig Lucas has shown enough self awareness to be able to battle and hopefully overcome his depression

If nothing else, this was yet another reminder that depression can affect anybody; rich or poor, famous or not.

How best would you support a friend in Craig Lucas’s position?


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“Music is what saves me, and I want my music to be that thing for all of you” I don’t have alot of experience yet, and I may not be the best singer and performer out there; Sometimes I can be so hard on my self for not being perfect everytime that I forget what I AM good at. I forget that I am able to use my gift and tell my story through the songs I write, and that I write damn good songs. Every message you send, every comment you post reminds me of my purpose which is to bring people happiness and use my music to help anyone listening who is going through any sort of hardship. Thank you @kfmza for not only giving me an amazing platform by playing my music, but also for having me at your incredible #HuaweiKday again!

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