The Duchess of Cambridge always makes classic and timeless fashion choices

Re-wearing an outfit multiple times or until they have holes in them is no big deal for us ‘normal folk’ but considering how fabulously wealthy the royal family is, it’s refreshing to see how they keep their fancy designer outfits in steady rotation. The Duchess of Cambridge is a prime example and is often seen putting her expensive royal wardrobe to good use by wearing over again the coats and dresses that she debuted years ago… and they still look perfectly stylish!

Recycling their outfits is a definite ‘must-do’ for the royal family

The Queen, who is frugal by nature, is well known for her make-do-and-mend attitude to clothes. She would rather have her dressmakers and seamstresses make small changes to her gowns than create new ones.

If you’re wondering how the royal assistants keep track of everything… apparently all the details are meticulously archived. Outfits and the accessories worn with them are cataloged by date worn and event.

Here are a few designer outfits the Duchess of Cambridge has recycled over the years…


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