By now we all know that that ugly ring in the toilet bowl isn’t from bad cleaning- it’s a build up of minerals from the water. That doesn’t make it look any less ugly, however. Banish it for good with this simple addition to your monthly cleaning roster…

  • All you need is a little citric acid powder (or an Alka Seltzer tablet if it’s easier).
  • Drop a tablespoon of the powder into a little warm water and allow it to dissolve well, then slowly pour into the toilet bowl.
  • Allow the mixture to sit for 20 minutes, give it a good scrub, and then flush away.
  • You should see the ring disappear, or at least noticeably reduced.

Unfortunately there’s not much you can do about hard water if you’re unlucky enough to live in an area which has it.

It is possible to add in-line filters to some taps, to provide a better quality of water for laundering and personal care, but the toilet will need regular attention to keep the menace at bay.

Repeat the treatment monthly to keep hard water under control and your bathroom fixtures looking good.

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