We all have those critical items lurking at the back of our wardrobe, rarely used but essential when they’re needed. It may be your favourite suit, a silk shirt, your go-to evening dress, or your favourite party outfit…

No matter what, you don’t want to put them away immaculately laundered and find them ruined again when the big event looms. So what’s a person to do? We’re here with help!

Firstly, invest in some padded hangers. Even if your garments are pretty robust, if they’re not circulating in-and-out the wardrobe regularly then you want to minimise the chances of a sharp, thin hanger poking holes or stretching the fabric.

Try to hang the garment (as much as is feasible) by the ironing ‘crease’ lines or seams, too, so that a long-term fold doesn’t leave the garment marked.

Next, invest in some suit bags:  basic plastic versions are very cheap, or, at the bare minimum, poke a thin hole in the middle of a black bag to place over the hanger and shoulders of the garment. This ensures that dust doesn’t settle over time, as well as preventing light from bleaching the shoulder area and giving you an unpleasant surprise down the line.

With these simple modifications under your belt, your outfits will come out the wardrobe looking as good as when they went in.

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