It’s a feeling every loving pet owner knows well: will I ever get this space free of hair? Much as you love Fido and Fluffy they sure can make a mess. When it comes to carpets and rugs, chances are it’s looking pretty hairy in there! However, we’re here to help you banish the hair fur-ever…

Of course, owning a vacuum that’s specifically designed to handle pet hair on your floor type is going to be a critical part of keeping your home fur-free.

Not all vacuums are created equally so make sure to match the option you choose to your floor type  (hardwood floors need a different vacuum power and style to rugs) and do your research before you buy. Usually, a HEPA filter is going to be your best option as a pet owner, as well as improve your air quality considerably.

Sometimes, however, even a regular vacuuming isn’t enough

Bust out a cheap window squeegee, and use the hard rubber scraper to peel off any hair that’s stubbornly stuck.

You can also buy a cheap pet ‘slicker brush’ for this purpose.

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Just don’t use the one you use on your pet, as the bristles will damage over time and become sore to use on delicate skin. It’s a whizz at taming fallen fur, however.

Just because you love your pet doesn’t mean you have to live in a fur ball! Regular preventative cleaning will help you achieve a fur-free home easily.