Snacking – it’s the reason most diets fail. Those late-night binge-fests in front of the TV, or the between-meetings chocky and muffin.  Sound familiar?

Most of our favourite snack foods are high in calories, and not terribly nutritious AND, if you’ve eaten the maximum number of calories at your meal times, then your snack calories are excess calories, so you won’t lose weight very easily if you’re prone to snacking.

If you are a ‘snacker’, there are some ways that you can curb the calories, and still stave off the cravings. You just have to do it the right way.

Firstly, you need to ADMIT YOU’RE A SNACKER. Many people are in complete denial about the extra calories they eat between meals. But in order to actually succeed in your weight-loss goals, you need to tell yourself the TRUTH. Admit you’re a snacker, and learn to work your diet around it.

The first thing you have to do is find out exactly how many calories you SHOULD be eating per day (there are loads of free online apps where you can calculate this). Next, you need to make sure that you allocate a portion of your total calories to each meal PLUS your snacks.

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Scheduling your snacks ensures that they become PART of your diet, rather than a stumbling block.

Now you need to identify some healthy, nutritious and calorie-conscious snacks that fit into your diet plan.

Here are five options from the ‘safe list’ for those late-night snacks:

1.     Yogurt and honey

A small bowl of full fat (unsweetened) yogurt topped with some honey is a good snack option, because it’s tasty and takes a long time to digest but is not too high in calories.

This means that you won’t get a rush of energy, and you also won’t end up with a ton of excess calories in your system while you sleep. It’s high in fat and contains some protein too, so you’re getting good nutrition, and the dairy side of things will probably help you sleep well – like a good old glass of warm milk does.

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