Instead of vegging out in front of the TV, or getting caught up in online games, get your teens and tweens off the couch and exploring the world…

This school holiday, encourage your tweens and teens to give back to organisations that need help and support. And to make it more appealing to them, you can assure them that, yes, it’s tons of fun, too.

Airbnb Social Impact Experiences are unique and fun ways to explore an area or do an activity with a local who is hosting on behalf of a non-profit or NGO. Social Impact Experiences are a special category on the Airbnb platform.

100% of the amount paid by the guest is used to the betterment of the NGO or non-profit and the cause that they serve as Airbnb forgoes its usual fee. More importantly in this instance, it’s an interesting way for tweens and teens to connect to people they would never have encountered while lounging on the couch. It fosters empathy and opens up their eyes as to how various organisations are having an impact on their communities and making a difference.

Here are some Social Impact Experiences that you can sign your child up for these school holidays. You or another adult in the family could join them to make it a bonding experience that you’ll never forget.

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Hidden gems of South African street art

What teenager isn’t intrigued by graffiti? On this particular Airbnb Social Impact Experience, guests will venture through Salt River and explore local street art, who the artists are and discover some hidden gems among the murals. Hosts, Melissa, Nadia and Anthea, are true Cape Town locals and love showing guests around and opening their eyes to local artistic talent.

How does this benefit others?

The hosts of this experience belong to Baz-art, a non-profit organisation that aims to benefit local artists and communities through education, community upliftment, event organisation, support and much more. Baz-art’s vision is to “showcase the power of street art and its ability to transform communities and individuals on a micro and macro scale”.

Cost: R650 per person

Age: 12 and up

Cape Town Graffiti Tour (Airbnb Social Impact Experiences)

Townships indigenous garden

This experience offers guests a unique look into organic gardening and indigenous plants. Those participating will have a hands-on learning experience as they learn about soil, plants, permaculture ethics and the community of Khayelitsha, where this experience takes place.

How does this benefit others?

This experience is hosted by iKhaya Garden, a school-based non-profit organisation in Khayelitsha that aims to create a positive image of the community, especially among youngsters. It’s an organisation that encourages healthy living and good eating habits among school-going kids in the area. It also wants to show kids that gardening can be cool.

Cost: R250 per person

Age: 10 and up

Cape Town indigenous garden (Airbnb Social Impact Experiences)


Train with boxing grannies

The title of this experience is enough to pique interest. This Social Impact Experience pairs guests with local grannies who have been doing boxing training for many years. Guests will learn about why these grannies have been boxing, the basics of boxing and the benefit thereof. It’s an excellent way to enjoy a sweat session while meeting these lovely grannies.

How does this benefit others?

These grannies are all signed up to an NGO called the A-Team. This organisation seeks to promote body building and fitness among the community, including our senior citizens who all too often don’t have a fun and exciting way to keep fit and healthy.

Cost: R350 per person

Age: Three and up

Boxing Grannies – JHB
(Airbnb Social Impact Experiences)

Explore local shops with a stylist

For the fashion lovers or just those wanting some stylish tips, this experience is a good option. Guests will walk around Mandela Square with host Victoria while she chats about how fashion and clothing choices plays a role in building self-esteem and confidence.

How does this benefit others?

Victoria is the founder of an NGO called Stayqueens. This organisation aims to empower and inspire women to take the lead in their lives through entrepreneurship. Through this NGO, women have the opportunity to network, attend workshops and meet people from whom they can learn and share ideas with.

Cost: R400 per person

Age: 10 and up

Shop with a stylist – JHB
(Airbnb Social Impact Experiences)


Explore a vibrant local market

This fun Durban based experience will showcase nine markets in Warwick. Guests will visit and earn about each one, while picking up some unique beadwork along the way. There will also be a chance to learn about traditional herbs and medicines, traditional street food and take in some of the local sights.

How does this benefit others?

Chantal, the host, is a coordinator for a non-profit called Asiye eTafuleni. According to their description, this organisation is focused on “promoting and developing good practice and process around inclusive urban planning and design”. This is done by collaborating and communicating with local workers and traders.

Cost: R250 per person

Age: All ages

Exlpore local markets – Durban (Airbnb Social Impact Experiences)


Village walk

This one is more for the older kids. Explore the local lands of Port Edward on this interesting experience. On this village walk, guests will learn how to do screen printing, meet the community elder and his family, visit a traditional healer and learn about the local church, before finishing off with sundowners at the end of the day.

How does this benefit others?

The Village Walk is hosted by Africa!ignite, a rural development agency in KwaZulu-Natal that focuses on women, youth and enterprise development in order to help these groups reach their full potential.

Cost: R602 per person

Age: 18 years and up

Village walk Port Edward
(Airbnb Social Impact Experiences)