The world of healthy eating is a complex one to navigate. There are confusing labels, deceptive ads, and of course, your own food cravings!

You’ve got everything from traditional grocers selling fruits and vegetables (healthy) to smoothie bars selling sugar-saturated ‘health’ milkshakes (not so healthy), and everything in between.

The trick here is that caveat emptor is the rule of the day. What does this mean?

“the principle that the buyer alone is responsible for checking the quality and suitability of goods before a purchase is made”

This means that YOU are the one who has to make the judgement call on whether a food really is healthy or not. So you need to brush up on your knowledge and facts before you run off and fill your trolley with ‘healthy’ foods.

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Here are 5 foods that you can call  ‘health frauds’ or ‘fake news’ health foods

1.     Saucy salads

If you go to a coffee shop or restaurant and you’re on a diet you’re going to be looking at the salad menu, right? I mean, that’s where all the best diet options are.

And you can trust that the salads are all healthy and lower in calories, because, well, they’re SALADS.

Not so fast.

You see, many restaurant salads can be LESS healthy than many of the other meals on the menu, because they use super-fatty salad dressings, and put ingredients like croutons and fatty, fried bacon in them.

If you’re ordering a salad make sure ONLY includes healthy ingredients and ask for balsamic vinegar and olive oil instead of the dressing. Apply it yourself so you know how much is being used.