If there’s one thing that screams budget or unfinished in the home, it’s any form of decoration – canvas, posters, pictures – being applied to your wall with a drawing pin or Prestik.

With a ton of versatile, cheap alternatives to traditional framing open to you, there are no excuses…

Traditional framing is not the only solution to this decor dilemma

There is, of course, a wide range of collage- and single-style photo frames available, each of which can make a classy adornment for your photos, but that doesn’t mean every other form of art has to coordinate.

Do opt for a loosely coordinated theme, however, to achieve a unified feeling through the room. There’s a whole world of style and innovation to pick from .

Think lightboxes for your posters, box-frames for canvas, and even a cheeky informal ‘frames’ of driftwood, seashells or anything else.

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You can even create the illusion of extra space with a mirror ‘framed’ with an upcycled window frame!

The verdict is simple: If you want to ensure your nest screams ‘I am an adult and I have arrived’, make sure your wall art is unified, enhanced and contained with a sensible, thematic framing, no matter how traditional (or creative) you opt to make it.