Have you ever noticed how dust and debris cling to your screens, from TV to laptop and tablet? The electromagnetic fields of these devices attract dust, and the advent of the touchscreen added smeary oils from our fingers to the equation.

What’s a house-proud person to do? Keep reading for our tricks…

Firstly, a quick wipe with standard cleaners is a very bad idea. LCD and Plasma screens are very much more sensitive than their older counterparts, and you will damage the unit. It’s critical to make sure you never do the following:

  • Use lint-producing cloths or paper towels
  • Use alcohol-based cleaners
  • Spray anything directly onto the screen
  • Press or rub hard

So what should you do? Opt for a microfibre cloth. You can probably use it dry if the screen is just dusty.

If not, use distilled water sprayed lightly onto the cloth to remove grease stains.

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Still struggling? Then opt for a 50/50 water and vinegar blend instead.  Don’t ‘buff’ in a circle, but clean in wide, gentle strokes – and unplug the unit (or at least turn it off) before you tackle this chore for your own safety. Wipe off the excess moisture immediately, and you’re done.

Keeping your electronics in proper order is important for their lifespan, so take the time to dust your screens regularly.