Candles are a versatile decor option, bringing a sense of presence and romance into almost any space. Almost every home has those ‘don’t burn’ candles! In our hot climate, however, they’re prone to melt-recover cycles that can leave them sticky and covered in tacky grit… so not the look you wanted!

The answer couldn’t be simpler:

  • Pop your beloved decor candle in an old nylon stocking.
  • Now slowly roll and rub it through the fabric. The nylon is abrasive enough to scour the sticky grunge from the surface while refraining from getting stuck itself or adding lint. It will also help keep the messy layer it removes from gumming up your cleaning equipment.
  • When you’re done, just toss it in the bin!

Rehabilitate almost any candle you love with this one simple trick, and keep your home looking like a haven.