We all long for a gorgeous bathroom we can relax and rejuvenate in, yet they are possibly one of the most expensive rooms to renovate…

It makes sense, after all: not only is there demanding plumbing and engineering involved, you also need durable, long-lasting and waterproof fittings to keep everything looking good for years. So if you’re lucky enough to be revamping your bathroom, be careful you don’t make any of these disappointing mistakes:

Don’t get too trendy

This definitely isn’t a room to indulge in trendiness. Remember – you’re likely going to be stuck with this look for five to 10 years, and it isn’t easy to shake it up. Rather than looking for the latest ‘big thing’, opt for simple, timeless patterns that will look good no matter the trends this year.

Be careful with colour

We’re certainly not saying you need your bathroom to be dull! But remember that fixtures like the bath, basin and wall/floor tiles will be harder to swap than, say, the curtains, taps, towels and other decor.

Choose your colours wisely, and consider keeping brighter shades to the areas you can easily change.

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Checkered tile is a no-no

Gleaming show homes and artistic residences can make creative use of the classic checkered tile pattern… but it’s more likely to end up looking like your local vet instead. This look imparts a cold, clinical look to the environment you may find hard to love, so proceed with care.

You want a bathroom with classic elegance and enduring style, so choose your options carefully so you’ll be rewarded with a room you love.