Smaller houses mean fewer bedrooms and more children having to share their bedrooms. Most children would prefer to have their own room, but the reality is that people all over the world are living in smaller spaces.

Smaller homes mean plenty of space sharing. As if sharing a couch wasn’t bad enough for your kids, they may have to share a room, too. Being able to give them enough of their own space within the shared room can make this easier. Here are our top tips and design advice for making sharing a room bearable for your kids (and the rest of the family).

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Everyone needs their private space

After a long day, we all need our ‘me time’ away from everyone else to regroup. Giving your children each a private space they can have to themselves will give them (and you) a much-needed break.

In a small home, it might be difficult to allocate each child their own play area, but if you consider something as simple as a desk or play corner that belongs just to them you can create multiple private areas for your children in a single room.

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Fit more than one bed in a small space

If your children fight about touching each other in the car then you may not want to force them to share a bed. Bunk beds are a great space saver and allow you to use up vertical space in your home rather than the conventional floor space. Using bunk beds gives you the option to use the floors in your children’s bedrooms for something else instead.

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Don’t make them share when they don’t have to

You may be powerless to change the amount of space you have available in your home, but there are ways to optimise the space you do have, giving your children the option to have things of their own and not force them to share absolutely everything. Room dividers are a great way to get two rooms out of one temporarily. Separating toys, books and cupboard space can make sharing easier when they have to do it.

Make the most of storage

Children’s bedrooms are easily cluttered and can become an even bigger mess with more than one child in the room. Having a place for everything and making sure to put everything in its place can make the room easier to live in and less cluttered. Taking advantage of every storage opportunity is essential.

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Keep the décor in your children’s bedrooms simple

When you have different personalities and sometimes conflicting interests in one room, decorating can become complicated. Allowing the children to each personalise one element of the room gives them an opportunity to express themselves without the décor in the room getting out of hand.

Allowing them to each choose their own bedding or colour for one of the walls is a great way to let them make choices without their décor becoming overwhelming.

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