We often measure a diet JUST by the amount of weight lost…

BUT  healthy dieting is about more than simply losing weight! Successful dieting should include the weight loss factor, but it’s also got to be done in a sustainable manner that encourages a healthy body, and a long-term strategy for remaining that way.

This will make all of the discipline, lifestyle changes, and change in behaviour really worthwhile.

There are far too many crazy ‘crash’ diets out there that might produce short term weight loss results but actually have catastrophic effects on your overall health.

Here are 5 diets that you should stay away from if you care about your health and future more than simply about losing weight.

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1.     The Caffeine Diet

Drinking loads of coffee seems pretty attractive to many folks, purely because they love coffee anyway.

Combined with the idea that the extra caffeine may promote weight loss, you’ve got a pretty “spectacular” diet idea.

Unfortunately, there are two big problems with this ‘diet’. One, black, unsweetened coffee doesn’t do enough extra calorie-burning to make it a worthwhile diet-star; and two, most people drink their coffee with milk and sugar, so they are drinking extra calories while trying to rid themselves of extra calories.

You see where this is going, right?

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