Keen on trying something with a little added extra to your shower routine? Here are my favourites for the month…

None of this month’s reviews are new launches – instead they’re tried and trusted products that I’ve used, loved, and added to my shopping basket many times over.

Icon Frosted Grey Shampoo

If you’ve ever attempted to lighten your hair, you’ll be well aware of the very dreaded Curse of Goldilocks.

Your life will be relatively well on track, everything will be fine, and then one morning you’ll look up while washing your hands in a public bathroom and BAM, there’s a halo of buttery yellow or brassy hair framing your face.

If you’re not too keen on the look, using a colour toning shampoo over a long period is the best solution. I’m fairly sure I’ve tried a good 50% of the ones that are available on the market, and so far my favourite has been Icon Frosted Grey Shampoo, around R150 (from hair salons).

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It manages to tone and brighten the various lighter shades of my hair and even adds a grey tinge here and there if I use it daily, but does so without making it look dull and dead colour-wise as many other similar shampoos do.

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Avene Xeracalm Cleansing Oil

I’m not great at putting on body lotion, which is a big problem since I have dry, itchy skin. In recent years I’ve taught myself to apply lotion in winter, but I still skip days in summer.

With a cleanser like this one, the effects of skipping lotion are less detrimental to my skin. It’s intended for very dry and eczema-prone skin types, which means it’s exceptionally gentle and very moisturising.

Don’t let the ‘oil’ in the description put you off – it feels gel-like and rinses off without any detectable residue. Look for it at major pharmacies, R250.

The Body Shop Shea Sugar Scrub

Body scrubs hold one of the top five spots on my guilty pleasures list (don’t even ask – but among other things candles and perfume are on there too).

The Body Shop’s Shea Sugar Scrub, R215, smells incredibly comforting, has the perfect gritty texture, and leaves your skin with just the right amount of moisturising film. The scent lingers for a while afterwards, which adds to the indulgent experience and makes it one of my favourite products you can use in the shower.