Trevor Noah is undoubtedly one of the funniest people on the planet but at times, his jokes have come at the risk of offending communities around the planet

While it’s safe to say that most comedians don’t wake up with the intent of hurting anybody’s feelings, the very nature of their jobs means that they often push boundaries and sometimes the risks they take don’t quite land – and Trevor knows this all too well.

The host of The Daily Show has had to apologise a number of times for his line of humour.

Although it was never intentional, here are a few of the jokes that have landed him in trouble in the past:

Those old tweets…

The ink had barely dried on Trevor’s The Daily Show contract when someone discovered some of his old tweets (which had not aged well!) in which he seemed to make anti-Semitic comments.

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Trevor quickly apologised for the embarrassing content which, at the time (2015) was over six years old.

Julius Malema

Before Donald Trump; Trevor Noah used to have another favourite political target: Julius Malema.

Trevor ripped into the then-ANC Youth League president relentlessly, but never did he think the two would meet and he’d have to answer for his content…