I’m a HUGE fan of Baocare™ products: I use them daily and have written about the great results we’ve had in our family – both as a nourisher for my 40+ skin and as a treatment for my 16 year-old’s acne flare-ups.

The next one you’re going to read about here is Baocare™ oil for Eczema – another little organic miracle in a bottle.

My dermatologist hasn’t conclusively diagnosed a specific skin condition, but I am prone to occasional raised welts in skin crevices when I perspire after exercising or in very humid conditions, or when I’m stressed and haven’t had enough sleep – and they alternate between itching or burning.

My mom suffers from psoriasis and my sister gets eczema, so there’s a good chance mine is a mild variation of one of these…

When I received a bottle of Baocare™ oil for Eczema, I figured I had nothing to lose – and couldn’t do my skin any harm – by trying it. The oil is 100% pure and natural, and free from any synthetic chemical ingredients, parabens and additives, so it’s suitable for the most sensitive skins.

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Baobab oil is a rich amber-gold oil cold-pressed from the small brown seeds found within the fruit pod of the baobab tree. Only 5% of each seed yields oil, making baobab oil a rare and valuable substance…

Dry, cracked skin can be itchy, painful, and embarrassing

Baobab oil contains Vitamin E and A for skin healing, and high levels of essential fatty acids (omega 6 and 9) which increase elasticity and encourage cell regeneration. The oil is also fragranced with essential oils and is really effective for for soothing itchiness, redness, scaly flakiness and dryness associated with eczema and dry psoriasis.

I use it just before I get into bed and can enjoy a peaceful night, without being woken by itching skin when I perspire in my sleep.

How to use it

  • Apply it twice daily to affected areas after cleansing.
  • Baobab oil has very small molecules and therefore absorbs very quickly and easily into the skin. As a result, it leaves the skin with a smooth, satiny finish without clogging pores or leaving a greasy residue.

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Can be used on babies and during pregnancy

BaoCare™ has boosted baobab oil with anti-inflammatory Calendula and Evening Primrose oil. In addition, Schisandra, a centuries-old Chinese anti-irritant remedy, i swell known as a natural treatment for sensitive, stressed, hyper-reactive skin. It’s safe for use during pregnancy and on babies.

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Available in 50ml (RRP: R170.00) & 10ml (RRP: R44.00) at all good independent health shops, and online at www.faithful-to-nature.co.za https://c.trackmytarget.com/m6d2e8?r=https://www.faithful-to-nature.co.za/baocare-eczema

For more information visit www.baocare.co.za

Source: Dr Sarah Venter | EcoProducts | BaoCare