If you’ve been struggling with your thin hair, the reality is you’ve probably got the wrong hairstyle, making it way more difficult to manage.

Thin hair can be super difficult to style and manage, and often ends up looking limp and lifeless, possibly leaving you feeling the same.

But there is some good news: the solution to your thin hair woes could be as simple as the right haircut or a simple and clever way to style your hair.

So check out these fabulous styles below and consult with your hairdresser to take your hair from flat and lifeless to full and voluminous in an instant…

Deep side parting

The further to the side your path is, the more volume it will create as the hair that you sweep over to the other side will make it look like you’ve got loads of luscious locks sitting on the top of your head. Actress Oliva Munn shows us how it’s done!

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Add a fringe

Kerry Washington knows that a wavy or layered style is great for adding some volume, but teaming this with a choppy, light fringe (if it suits your face shape) will make it look like you’ve got much thicker hair than you do.

Asymmetrical bob

This style is a great little sneaky illusion trick, as the angled style will draw your eye downwards to the length and focus on that, rather than the lack of volume. The side parting will add a bit of volume to the look on the top too. Actress Marion Cotillard has very fine hair, but her asymmetrical style adds the illusion of volume.

Layered lob

A layered lob (that’s a long bob for those wondering) will add thickness to the hair and frame your face in a way creating great volume. Use a sea-salt spray with this style to keep the texture there, just like Margot Robbie.

Pixie cut

A choppy pixie cut will make it look like you’ve got plenty of super thick hair covering your head, and the fact that it’s super pretty and easy to manage is just a welcome bonus. Musician Janelle Monae rocks the pixie cut!

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Blunt cut

A blunt (which pretty much means straight and choppy) cut around shoulder length is an easy style to opt for to add volume to your style. Kendall Jenner has thin hair, but her blunt cut makes it look much fuller. Just make sure you keep this length the same all over to create a fuller look.

Extra high pony

A high pony like this creates the illusion of fullness and glam without too much effort – just ask Minnie Dlamini. You can even make a pony with the bottom half of your hair, then one with the top half of your hair covering it, which will make it look like you’ve got one super thick pony.

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