When it comes to dieting in the modern world,  certain foods have been labelled ‘miracle makers’ due to their benefits…

While there may be SOME truth to these health claims, even the healthiest foods begin to lose their effectiveness if you eat TOO MUCH.

Yes, healthy foods are better than take-aways and sweets, but that doesn’t mean that you can eat mountains and mountains of healthy food without gaining weight. Those ‘healthy’ chocolate brownies made with protein powder and oats STILL contain calories. As always, BALANCE is key.

Here are some health-food mistakes that you may be making in your diet, and how to avoid them:

1.     Water

You’re probably not getting enough water on a daily basis… and so you need to increase your intake to at LEAST two litres a day.

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BUT… here’s the weird part. Too much water can also be bad for you! If you’re exercising really hard – running marathons, or training for Iron Man – and you’re drinking five or six litres per day, then you could be in danger of getting too much. Both dehydration and over-hydration are huge health problems, so make sure you’re in the optimum zone – usually around two to three litres per day.



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