Moving doesn’t have to be the pain it’s made out to be. Follow our tips and you’ll be all settled in no time…

We know how stressful moving can be! Make it as easy as possible with this great advice that covers every part of the process, from packing to organising and moving into your new place.

Pack an overnight bag

When moving from one home to the next, chances are you won’t unpack all your boxes in one day. Packing a suitcase with a few days’ worth of clothing, toiletries and any other essentials to help you ease into your new environment is a great idea. Think of it as packing for a holiday and include everything you need on a daily basis.

Size it up

Pack items you’ll need immediately (once in your new home) into smaller containers or boxes, and label them clearly. This way, you can quickly unpack everything you’ll need to make your new home more, well, homely. You’ll also avoid rummaging through unpacked boxes looking for the kettle, desperate for a cup of coffee.

Clean your new home

Few things are worse than moving into a grimy space. You don’t want to start your life in a new home wiping your fingers across surfaces, only to discover that they’ve probably never been dusted. If possible, make a trip to your new home before the big move, with the sole purpose of cleaning.

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If that’s not possible, hire a cleaning company to do it. It will be worth every cent when you move into your sparkling clean new home.

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Label all boxes

Having a clear labelling system will make your life so much easier. Write the name of the room where the stuff came from first and then add a description of what’s in them, for example, ‘lounge – books’.

This way, relevant boxes will be placed in relevant rooms, and you won’t spend time moving boxes filled with kitchenware from the bedroom – where they ended up during the moving process. Colour-coding labels to help you identify boxes is also a super handy trick.

Sort by category

Packing by category, a la Marie Kondo, is an easy way to keep things organised. Take a morning to sort through clothing, then a couple of hours to sort and pack books. You get the idea.

Decide what you really need

If you’ve ever moved, you’re well aware that there’s always one rogue box that doesn’t really have a place – it’s that one box you don’t ever unpack. Save yourself time packing unnecessarily by getting rid of items you tend to want to place in the “random” box.

The rule is, if you can’t label everything in one box, under the same room or theme, then you probably don’t need it. And if you haven’t unpacked it after a month of being in your new place, then you DEFINITELY need to get rid of it.

Vacuum seal

If you’re short on packing space, or want to cut down on boxes, vacuum packing is perfect for cutting down. Keep in mind that vacuum packing clothing and linens will result in creases, so they’ll probably need a wash and iron when you unpack them, but hey, they’ll take up much less space during the move.

Make a buck

Selling valuables and items you don’t want or need any more is so easy in our digital age. It’s also a great option when downsizing. Simply take photos of the items your selling, post them on Facebook and wait for the bargain hunters to start contacting you. You’ll have less to pack (and unpack) and you’ll make some extra cash in the process.

Make a list

Do you need to cancel your Wi-Fi? Write it down. You’ll have to change your address. Write it down. Adding all of these essential to-dos to a list will ensure you don’t end up paying for services no longer relevant to you. And you’ll stress less because you have it all written down.

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