Most of us are exhausted after a hard day’s work and have different ways of winding down. Do you take in calories during this time?

Pouring yourself a tall glass of red wine or making a hot cup of refreshing tea are just two of the ways that many people enjoy winding down at the end of the day. Unknowingly, these comforting beverages can add hundreds of calories to your daily calorie count – depending of course on the portion size and what other ingredients you add to it as well.

For example, a larger glass of wine will contain more calories than a smaller glass of the same wine. There will be more calories in a mug of tea or coffee with sugar and cream/milk as compared to one without the sugar and cream/milk.

Find an alternative way of winding down

Consider finding an alternative way of winding down after a difficult day. If it supports your weight-loss efforts, the better. For example, forget about the glass of wine and take a brisk walk down the road and back! Alternatively, grab your gym bag, call up a friend and head straight to the gym. Keep yourself moving as this will help you to get the calories burning.

Reduce stress

Chatting to others who are close to you may also help to reduce stress and tension. This can further prevent you from turning to high calorie foods for comfort.

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Take an alternative route home

If you tend to pass many take-away places on your way home, you may find it very helpful to use an alternative route. This can help you to avoid giving in to the temptation of purchasing high calorie-, junk- and processed foods. Don’t give yourself the evening off from preparing a healthy meal. Rather make food preparation a fun way of winding down at the end of the day.

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