If you’re running out of space in your small home, here are some practical ways to solve the design dilemma (without moving)…

Wishing for just a little more wriggle room has happened to most small home dwellers at some point.

However, if you’re committed to making your small space work, or don’t have the budget to move into a bigger home, here a few tips that could help you…

First, be honest

The first step to transforming a cluttered small space into one that you love coming home to is honesty.

Ask yourself if you’re really running out of space, or if you simply have too much stuff you don’t need. Chances are you have accumulated a few space-guzzling items that you no longer need or use.

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Whether you follow the Konmari method or not, decluttering a home is the first step to making the most of every inch of it.

Boost bedroom storage

From cluttered to calm, here are tips for making small bedrooms beautiful…

  • Add secret shelving – Increase the storage space in hanging cupboards by stacking crates in the back. You can then roll up and store next season’s clothes in this secret shelving system behind hanging clothes and you could double a cupboard’s storage capacity.
  • Add adhesive hooks to the inside of wardrobes – This will give you places to hang hats, belts and necklaces.
  • Install pull-out drawers under the beds – It’s a great place to store extra clothes, shoes and even the kids toys.

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