Your home is your palace and your refuge, so it’s not all about keeping it trendy. There are a few decor items that are hard to pull off, so you may want to reconsider adding them to your home…

1. Decor that’s achieved cult kitsch status

Wax fruit, macrame, the famous three ducks… we’ve seen them all, and even some used in remarkable ways that reinvigorate tired tropes. If you’re looking for a simple, stylish home, however, it’s probably best to leave them to the trendsetters and invest in some more interesting pieces that sparkle with your personality.

2. The ever-present beanbags

We get it – they’re comfortable, easy to use and provide great impromptu seating. But there’s really no way to marry beanbag seating with a stylish home (except in your kid’s playroom).

If you want to be taken seriously as a hard-hitting adult, rather invest in some other multi-purpose pieces and leave the bean bag behind.

3. Empty storage units

Why own a bookshelf if it’s not to hold books? Empty shelves and TV units without appliances on them look a little tacky and can leave a room with a horrible unfinished feel. Rather keep your storage units in proportion with your actual storage needs, and spare yourself the dust-gathering empty surfaces.

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