“New Year, New You” is a series of articles that will help you to become successful in your diet and exercise journey in 2019 (and every year thereafter). The articles will include tips, new ideas to try, strategies to follow, and encouragement to keep you moving forward…

2 Secrets to get the metabolism going

Weight loss can be a long, tedious process. But it doesn’t HAVE TO be. You can do a lot to make your weight loss journey happen the fastest possible way.

One of the major helpers on this road is to keep your metabolism chugging along at all hours of the day. You probably know many of the ways to do this, like eating regular meals, making space in your day for shorts bursts of movement (walking, stretching, a couple of pushups or situps), eating some spicy food, drinking black coffee in the morning, doing sprint training, and weight lifting.

But do you know the other ‘secrets’ to keeping your metabolism in its highest gear?

Here are two:

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First: Once a week, skip two meals (a 24-hour fast). Simply eat dinner today, and then don’t eat anything until dinner tomorrow. Don’t eat a larger dinner on either day, and make sure both meals are healthy. You’ll be giving your body a break from digestion-tasks so it can do other things, plus your metabolism gets a jolt too.

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Second: Have ONE high calorie day every two weeks. Don’t go mad, and don’t eat too unhealthily. But eat a good deal more food than usual. This’ll also give you a major calorie-burning boost. Then when you go back to fewer calories, you’ll still be burning at a higher rate.

Do these ‘secret’ techniques, and lose the weight faster. That’s good news.



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