News that Dineo Ranaka was adding DJ to her long list of titles was met with both confusion and excitement in January

But it seems Dineo is serious about her new career venture and has shared several videos of herself working her magic on the decks.

While most of the videos she shared on Instagram received praise from her followers, one clip has raised a few eyebrows.

A Twitter user posted a video of Dineo showing off her DJ skills to a song she is currently “vibing” to.

“Let me know what you think… bring the beat in,” she says in the clip.

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Tweeps let Dineo know exactly what they thought

“That song Dineo Ranaka was playing sounds like a Sony Ericsson ringtone,” one Twitter user wrote.

Another added: “Is she listening to the same song we are hearing? Cos wow…”

Some Twitter users felt Dineo failed to “bring the beat in” and the set was a hot mess.

“She said “bring the beat in” 💀 and sis went and played a damn ringtone,” one tweep wrote.

A Twitter user felt that Dineo could learn a thing or two from six-year-old DJ Arch Junior.

But not everyone thought the beat was bad.

“It’s nice sisi omdala keep pushing,” a Twitter user named Nele wrote.

Regardless of what her haters think, Dineo’s DJ career is here to stay

She continues to post videos of herself in action.

Dineo is new to the deejaying world and will only get better with time!