Nail trends in the last few years have been nothing short of amazing. From creative shapes to explosive shades there is something for absolutely everyone.

Choosing the right nails is harder because of all the options we have. Matching your manicure to your personality and lifestyle makes the decision that much easier.

Gel or acrylic nails?

Making the choice between gel and acrylic nails isn’t a choice between a superior and inferior product. The choice between acrylic and gel nails is a matter of preference. Depending on what you want from your manicure you can get beautiful nails from either product.

Gel nails look more natural and glossy and have a milder impact on your natural nails than acrylic nails while acrylic nails last longer and are less likely to come off on their own.

If you want manicured nails for a specific event and nothing more gel nails are a great option for you as they will last for a shorter period and do minimal damage to your natural nails. For an all month manicure acrylic nails are your best cost effective bet. Although the process of applying acrylic nails may thin your natural nails somewhat if applied property they will not damage your nails significantly.

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So many shapes to choose from

The length and the shape of your nails go hand in hand. When choosing the length of your nails consider the shape and your daily routine.

Coffin nails

If you’re a trendy diva who can handle the length this shape is a great option for you. Coffin nails look their best long although they can be done short too. These can be embellished and the bedazzled to the nines.

Stiletto nails

Long pointy tipped nails are the stilettos of our fingertips; they look great but not everyone can handle them. Suddenly having long pointed nails can be difficult to handle and make daily life tricky.

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Almond shaped

This is the most natural nail shape you could go for. It looks great as a short manicure; you could even shape your natural nails and apply a gel over lay. This is a good shape for a practical woman on the go.

Square tipped

Square tipped nails are a classic. They’re clean, sleek and elegant especially when paired with a simple and understated colour. French tips and nudes look great in the square tipped shape and although these can take some getting used to depending on the length of your nails they can be a practical and sophisticated choice.