4. Bone broth

Basically a watery soup made from boiling animal bones, this drink is a warm, hearty treat on a cold winter’s day. It’s packed with protein at around 9g per cup, and can also ease swelling and inflammation if you suffer from those symptoms.

Chicken bone broth could also help to clear a stuffy nose.

Egg, Noodles and Beef Bone Broth recipe

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5. Chicory

Chicory (or chicory root) has been used for years in cheap instant coffees as it costs a lot less than real coffee beans while retaining a similar-enough flavour to satisfy the people who choose to drink these types of coffee.

Chicory is actually a great stand-alone drink, and is rich in fibre and other digestive aids which help your tummy to be happy. Mix it with water just like you would your usual cuppa.