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Three is all the rage these days. Almost everyone I run into is welcoming a third…

My sister-in-law is just days away from giving birth to baby number three. I remember the day they told us they were expecting. The news took me by surprise and, to be honest, filled me with a sense of total panic. Maybe she was contagious?

Suddenly I started confusing my PMS symptoms with pregnancy ones. I even sent my husband off to the chemist to buy a pregnancy test. He came home with three – clearly equally panicked.

They were all negative, of course – when do we have time for baby making with two toddlers running around? But we realised in that moment that we were both done at two. Our family was complete.

Judging by the number of couples adding to their brood though, it seems that we’re the only ones that found the jump from one to two seriously harrowing.

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Three is all the rage these days

Almost everyone I run into is welcoming a third. And while I’m happy to celebrate with them and will be the first to visit their little bundles of joy, I will be equally happy handing said bundle back when the visit is over.

Friends and family tell me I may change my mind as my kids get older. I won’t. Perhaps it’s down to the small age gap I had. I fell pregnant with my son when my daughter was just seven months old. As my husband will attest to, I barely survived the first two, which is why the idea of a third terrifies me.

But whoopsies happen right? So I did what any woman in my position would do: booked my husband in for a vasectomy.

While he was hesitant at first, I made a compelling argument – we’ll definitely have more sex. Done.

Despite his initial misgivings, he insists that the whole experience was like a holiday – he got to watch TV in peace, had the best sleep he’s had in years thanks to the general anaesthetic, and didn’t have to share his post-op waffle and ice-cream with two toddlers.

In fact he was so surprised by how easy and painless it was that he convinced both his brothers to get it done too.

In the meantime, I’m unpacking all my sexy lingerie and planning more date nights. I made a promise after all…