The Little Things That Make a Big Difference’ is an article series outlining weight loss and diet interventions that may seem insignificant, but can make a huge difference to the success of your diet plan.

Drink water like a real adult

Most people on diet make a horrible mistake when counting their calorie-intake everyday – because they fail to count all of the junk calories in all of the drinks they have gulped down.

Most people start their day off with a coffee or three, usually with milk and sugar. Straight away you have had 250 calories (half of a healthy meal) but you haven’t even had breakfast, and you certainly don’t feel satisfied. The day rolls on, and between coffees, teas, sodas, energy drinks, and a couple of glasses of wine or a beer in the evening you’re looking at around 750 to 1000 extra calories that are going unaccounted for – basically an extra two meals worth.

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So what’s the answer to this problem?

Well, there are two POSSIBLE answers: one, eat two meals less every day so you can drink your junk calories; or two (the best option), drink water like a real grown-up.

You see, water is all your body actually needs in terms of hydration.

So if you’re thirsty, water, or black, sugar-free tea or coffee are your options. By doing this you’ll be drinking (AT MOST) 7 calories per drink.

When you want a TREAT, maybe have something else. It’s simple. Drinks=Calories! Make them count.


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