Seven-year old Hamza tamed Lala, an African golden wolf, who now helps him to herd sheep…

Despite the small size – the golden wolf is only two feet (66cm) in height – he faithfully protects Hamza and his brother from strangers.

The African golden wolf (Canis anthus), also known as the African wolf, golden wolf or grey jackal, is a canid native to north and north-eastern Africa. It is very similar to the black-backed jackal that most South Africans are familiar with.

The desert wolf has adapted to areas without abundant water, and its natural prey includes gazelle, fawns, and they are known to attack domestic sheep.

Hamza says that his older brother found the wolf as a young pup. The brothers then fed it and raised it between them. They named him Lala, and he’s taken on a role as a sheep ‘dog’ – protecting the flock and the young shepherds.

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