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Millions of people around the world spend hours and millions every day to lose weight. Although some are successful and reach their goal weight, many struggle to keep the weight off

The secret to losing weight and keeping it off has nothing to do with luck and everything to do with maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Here’s how to lose weight and keep it off.


1. Hungry before bed?

If you’re feeling peckish before bed but you ate a good dinner, then that’s probably just your brain looking for a hit of ‘feel-good’ hormone, or comfort.

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The best thing to do in this case is to simply ignore your cravings, get into bed, and go to sleep. You really don’t NEED to eat before bed.

Make sure that you have had some water and are properly hydrated, but eating before bed really doesn’t accomplish anything from a health or energy point-of-view. And once you’re asleep you won’t feel hungry anymore.



2. Hungry in the morning?

If you wake up hungry, then you’re doing life (and your diet) right. (Not everyone is wired this way, though.)

If you wake up hungry, then you should drink two cups of strong, black coffee (no sugar), do some exercise, and then eat a good-sized breakfast that is high in protein. That’ll fill you up, give you a good hit of nutrients, and help you recover from your exercise session.

If you don’t wake up hungry, then follow the same process, but don’t eat as much breakfast. This is just how your unique body works. The key is to not grab a muffin and sugary cappuccino when you feel ‘hungry’ at 10 am. You will have to wait until lunchtime and eat a healthy, pre-planned lunch. Don’t add extra calories just because you ‘missed’ them in the morning.

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3. Keep the right stuff in your kitchen

People are a lot less likely to mess up their diet if there aren’t ‘naughty’ foods in their pantry to tempt them.

So try to only keep the foods you are supposed to eat in your kitchen. If your snack drawer is full of chocolate, guess what you’ll eat all the time? Yup, chocolate.

But if your fridge is full of fruit? You get the picture.

Try to keep a healthy snack on-hand wherever you spend your workday. Don’t do the hard work at home, and then go to the office and eat cake and biscuits.




4. Divide your restaurant meal in two

When you go out to eat, order the meal you’d like to eat, then ask the waiter to have the kitchen serve half onto your plate, and the other half into a take-away container.

Eat one half, and take the other half home for the following day’s lunch or dinner. You get to eat a great meal twice, and you get a more healthy and weight-loss friendly number of calories too.

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5. Chew (sugar-free) gum

It’s not the most attractive habit. But chewing sugar-free gum will stop you from wanting to eat all the time (because your jaw is busy ‘chewing’, so your brain thinks you’re eating), thereby preventing you from unnecessary calorie intake.

Just make sure you don’t chew loudly!



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