Running out of space? Here are our top ideas for maximising your storage space in a small house or apartment.

By Veronica Logan

Whether you own or rent a home, storage space can sometimes be hard to come by! That being said, the key to clever storage is two-fold; find multi-purpose buys – things that add to the overall aesthetic of your home while offering storage capability – and get creative and practical with the space you do have.

With this in mind, we’ve put together our top ideas on how to store some of your home essentials when space is limited.

Be creative with shelving

No matter how big or small your home is, every centimetre counts when it comes to storage! By thinking out the box and installing a shelf above a window, you automatically free up space as well as add a decorative twist to a room.

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Items such as plates or bowls can be decoratively stacked in the kitchen and photo frames and other curios in the lounge or bedroom can be uniquely displayed in this way too.

You could also look to install a shelf underneath your kitchen cabinets as this definitely goes a long way to free up cupboard space. This is a great way to store your glasses, and if you use glass shelving, could result in a striking, “floating” effect.

Installing ceiling-mounted shelves in your garage is another easy way to minimise clutter and store the items you don’t use often, like tents and extension cables. Be sure to use heavy-duty bungee cords to coil up your extension cables to add to the effectiveness of storing them compactly.

Get hanging

Hanging items is another easy and effective way to increase both counter and cupboard space. Installing a plate or pot rack in your kitchen not only shows off your collections but keeps them out of the way. Similarly, mugs and cups can be hung up on wall hooks which are relatively cheap and easy to install.

In the bedroom, consider installing hooks on the back of your bedroom door to hang towels or bathrobes. You can even consider using a coat rack to hang your shoes!

Box clever

Boxes are an incredibly efficient and practical storage solution no matter what room you find yourself in. What’s more, you can often upcycle old boxes at a relatively low cost.

Boxes such as tomato boxes, wine cases or even wooden planters are the idea size for storing a multitude of home essentials from towels and linen to veggies and even pantry items.

And if you have open shelving, cardboard boxes wrapped in eye-catching wrapping paper can be used to declutter shelves.

Invest in multipurpose furniture

Multipurpose furniture is any homeowner’s dream, especially those living in small spaces. On a large scale, shop around for pieces such as a full-length mirror that opens like a door and also serves as a jewellery cabinet. Or an ottoman that opens up and doubles as storage space for linen and blankets.

You could even consider purchasing a bed base with built-in drawers to free up cupboard space.

Another simpler idea is switching your normal shower curtain to one that has mesh pockets on the inside. This definitely helps to free up space in the bathroom and ensures that all your bath time products are stored neatly in one place.

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Be inventive

There are many simple ways to get inventive when it comes to storage solutions. For example, by adding bed risers under your existing bed base and creating a nice gap between the base and the floor, you immediately add to your list of potential storage areas. Another simple idea for freeing up cupboard space is packing out of season clothes into any suitcases or luggage that you would be storing normally.

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When it comes to other rooms in the house, get creative when displaying items such as books or magazines. For example, look to creatively store them out of the way by arranging them underneath your couches or chairs in the lounge, or by stacking them up and using them as side tables.

In the kitchen, attach a slatted wooden door or even a window shutter to the wall and using loose hooks, hang your favourite kitchen implements to inventively free up drawer or counter space.

Sometimes creating more storage space requires nothing more than thinking practically

For example, storing appliances or other household items that aren’t often used in top cabinets or cupboards to free up space is a simple and easy solve. Furthermore, sometimes all you need is already what you have on hand at home, so take the time to consider where you can reduce clutter and free up space – remember, the more clever and out-of-the-way the solution, the better for maximising the space you have to live in.

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