Statement flooring is all the rage, and we’ve rounded up some inspiring pics, so you can see what you think of the latest trend.

Floors are often not considered as a major feature in the home, which is odd, as they cover so much surface.

You won’t believe the impact a bold, statement floor has on your overall decor scheme. We’ve rounded up some statement floor inspiration, and, although some are a bit wackier than others, we’re sure there’s something for every taste.

Colourful flooring

We love a pop of colour, and although decor accessories are great (and easy) for achieving the look, have you considered colourful floors? The trend might not be for everyone, it is, after all, a major commitment, but we guarantee that it lifts a room like nothing else.

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Pretty prints

We have three words for you: prints, patterns, colour. Trend analyst Dave Nemeth writes; “the biggest trend in the tile market recently has been to mix and match tiles that are all in the same colour, but have a variety of different patterns on them. The most popular ones have been blue and white, grey and white as well as black and white”.


The beauty of vinyl flooring is that it’s cost-effective and super easy to install. Vinyl also comes in a wide range of different styles and colours, so you can have wooden floors without the maintenance, or a perfectly tiled living room – guaranteed to be hassle free!

Keep it natural

From wood to terracotta or slate, you name it, there’s a natural looking flooring option for you. Natural floors look great and changing your decor scheme around them isn’t difficult. They’re also a great option if taking risks with flooring isn’t really for you.

Black and white

Black and white will never go out of style, and these fancy floors are proof. Whether you opt for a simple chequered floor (which, might we add, looks amazing in bathrooms), or a more modern layout, you’ll absolutely love the look.

3D designs

You can now, quite literally, create the floor of your dreams. Want to dip your toes in the ocean while watching TV? No problem! How about a fish pond in your bedroom? You got it! Ok, we get it, it’s not for everyone. If you’re not into super realistic 3D designs, you can always opt for angled tiling that creates the illusion of more space.