This Valentine’s Day addict spends an exorbitant amount each year on decorating her home…

Meet Tina: a woman, so in love with Valentine’s Day, that she spends almost R70 000 filling her house with romantic decorations and accessories.

In fact, the 32-year-old is so passionate about the occasion, that she even used to celebrate it when she was single!

“I never needed a man to enjoy the day, I celebrate is as a day for myself – single or not – a bit like the ‘Galentines trend’, where women send each other cards and presents”.

Now happily married, Tina gets her husband involved, and they spend one whole day sprinkling their house with romantic decorations in preparation for the holiday.

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Despite the time and money that she spends on the day, Tina recommends celebrating it, “Valentine’s Day is a beautiful holiday, who wouldn’t want to celebrate the pink and red colours and the loving atmosphere?”