Preparing the kinds of foods you should be eating on a weight-loss plan can be tough…

…so here are five steps to help you make a quick, easy meal on your own steam, without breaking the bank, or your brain!


But first things first. If you’re feeling hungry, do this before you do ANYTHING else…

…drink a BIG glass of water, then wait ten minutes. You’ll feel fuller, your body will function better with the added hydration, and you’ll ultimately make better food choices.

Now you’re ready to design your ideal diet meal:

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1. Select a plate

Choosing a plate to put your meal on is vital. You need the right size plate, because however big it is, you will want to fill it with food. So choose wisely.

I can’t dictate how big your plate should be – but logically, smaller is better! Just don’t go back for seconds and thirds…

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Click page 2 below to find out more about choosing a ‘base’ and a protein…

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