Last updated on Jul 7th, 2020 at 02:36 pm

With so many options and ideas out there, here are some practical tips on how to decorate children’s bedrooms…

One only needs to visit Pinterest to see that children’s décor is as diverse as ever. But, whether it’s a busy jungle theme or calming neutrals, children’s rooms should allow for both fun and functionality.

Wendy Williams, Director of Engel & Völkers southern Africa, shares some valuable tips on what to bear in mind when creating the perfect space for your child.

Form and function

A child’s bedroom should be functional for both parent and child.

While you want games, colouring books and crayons to be well within reach, you don’t want a space that looks chaotic and visually cluttered.

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Apply the general rule of thumb – less is more – and keep things organised and quick to tidy up by creating a place for everything.

Make space to store next season’s clothes out of the way and a donation box or bag into which you can regularly toss clothes that your child has outgrown.

Age appropriate furniture and décor

In a few years, today’s corner toy box may be replaced with a reading nook and a toddler-sized table and chairs will be cast out in favour of a homework desk.

As your child grows, consider their needs in the room. Young children will appreciate low shelves where they can reach toys, while hardy wooden storage boxes will help to keep the room free of clutter. Teenagers will need drawers in which to store gadgets and bookshelves for their textbooks.

If you’re about to invest in furniture, a good idea is to visit outlets that specialise in bedroom furniture that grows with your child. Modular pieces provide a cost-effective way of re-inventing the space at each major growth spurt.

Creativity and self-expression

Celebrate and encourage your children’s creativity by giving them a chance to curate their very own art gallery in their bedrooms.

In an otherwise neutral room, you could add colour and interest by filling one wall with your child’s best artwork all the way from pre-school up to high school.

Not only does this add interest, but it also helps instil a sense of pride and ownership, and will encourage children to explore and cultivate their own style.

In terms of soft furnishings and décor, incorporate a young child’s favourite cartoon character through bed linen and decals for the walls. For older kids, well-placed inspirational quotes or their favourite photographs add personality and act as a talking point when they’re hanging out with friends.

Happy decorating!