If you are going out of your way to eat more organic food, then you should consider adding a few organic products into other aspects of your life, including your make-up.

Organic make-up is becoming more popular internationally and in South Africa, and while we still have a limited range, it may be worth exploring.

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Kissable lips

Of course you’ve heard of organic lip balm, beeswax and edible lip gloss, but have you ever tried organic lipstick? With a larger range of colours and types than expected, organic lipstick is a great place to start, especially considering how much lipstick we probably end up actually ingesting.

Although they can be more expensive, organic lipsticks are made from oils like ghee, beeswax and coconut oil, which literally makes them edible and very, very moisturising. While you may not want to eat your lipstick, it’s nice to know you can.

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Organic eye make-up

Around 12 thousand years ago ancient Egyptians lined their eyes with a khol-based, pen-shaped cosmetic. Today we call it eyeliner and it can be found in different forms in every make-up bag.

Eyeliner is used very close to your eyes, so you need to carefully consider the ingredients used to make your eyeliner and the effect it could have should it come into contact with your eye. If you have sensitive eyes, organic eye make-up might just be the solution you’re looking for to reduce any irritation or allergic reactions.

organic eye make-up south africa

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A good foundation

Certified organic make-up is made from nothing but organic ingredients. Using organic make-up can decrease the amount of synthetic ingredients your skin passively absorbs into your blood stream.

Unfortunately, it’s quite difficult to find an organic foundation in darker tones as most organic make-up companies are yet to expand and include darker skin tones in their foundation ranges. If you’re unsure about buying foundation online, many companies will send you single-use samples to try out the colours first.

organic foundation, organic makeup

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